Using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is short, to build your business is one of the most misunderstood concepts with regards to acquiring customers for free – through organic search.

By the end of this article, not only will you understand how and why this works, but you will also have actionable tips on how to get this done.

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a website that you can search for information, contacts, groups, questions, or anything else. Many people associate “search engine” with Google, but there are in fact a ton of websites that are in fact, search engines. Here are examples of popular search engines:

Google, Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Craigslist, Quora, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, eBay and Amazon.

I’ll bet you probably never thought of some of these websites as search engines – they are mostly known as “social media apps” or “social media platforms”.

But think about it, if you want to go buy something, you may do any of the following:

  • Go to Google and just google it.
  • Go to Pinterest and search for that item or inspiration about that item.
  • Go to Amazon and search for that item and see price comparisons, reviews, and so on.
  • Go to eBay and search for that item and see price comparisons, reviews, and so on.

These are all search engines.

The other thing that these things are known as is authority websites.

An authority site is a high-quality website that is respected by knowledgeable people in the industry, followers, fans, and experts, and have a high-volume of visitors due to being able to deliver what visitors expect when they visit the website.

Every one of the sites mentioned above has millions of visitors a day. They are the top Authority sites on the internet.

But there are lots of other micro-authority sites on very small niches (also known as “niche websites”), that have thousands of visitors every day. Google has everything. But there could be a website like that has articles, tips, and tricks to help mothers who are searching for solutions or help if their baby is sick.

(I literally just made that up, there is nothing on that domain, but maybe someone should snatch it!)

The keyword “baby sick” and “baby throwing up” is searched for between 1000 to 10,000 times per month between USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

That’s a lot of people looking for answers about their baby being sick!

Google is by far the best place to be found and to work on your SEO strategy. Statistically, Google dominates over 80% of the “search engine” market share (as of April 2019).

How can you get your website to be frequently visited through people searching for it on Google?

This is where the “optimization” part comes in. You need to optimize your website for the search engine!

There are two main elements that help your website get ranked higher and higher on the search engines.

Number 1: Keywords.

Keywords are simply the words that your potential visitors are looking for in the search engine.

For example, if you are a local business and you help people move house, i.e. a Removalist. What would people who are looking for your service will be searching for on Google?

“Removalist [your city]”

“Removalist [your town]”

“Removalist [town next to you]”

“Removal service [your city]”

“Removal service [your town]”

“Removal service [town next to you]”

And so on. You can actually go to “Google Keyword Planner” and type the basic keyword, and actually see statistically how many people search for it. Google Keyword Planner will also give you other suggestions of similar keywords that people are searching. That way when you write your copy (the text) on your website, you optimize your website text to match those keywords in a way that it flows.

That way when someone searches for those keywords, your website pops up higher on the search engine.

Pro-tip for local business: Google and Google Maps is a totally different SEO strategy and you should “claim your business” on Google Maps which will help you show up at the top.

This is the first element of getting ranked higher on search engines – keywords.

Number 2: Backlinks.

Backlinks are simply other websites linking back to your website.

Understand this, there is no board of directors or employees of Google or any of these big companies like Instagram. Facebook, that manually decide which website or post shows up first. These decisions are controlled through algorithms – basically, they are automated. While algorithms may be re-programmed and change, there is one stable rule you need to keep in mind.

No matter how these companies change their algorithms, their main focus is to protect user experience!

The user is the site visitor who comes and finds what he wants. That is what makes them come back.

If you went to a website and didn’t find what you are looking for, you would not come back. So these authority sites are pouring millions into technology and employees to protect user experience so people keep on coming back.

So how does Google know if your website has the solution for “Removalist [your city]”?

The first answer is keywords, the second answer is backlinks. Authority sites linking back to your website.

Example: There is a Facebook group for local neighborhoods, “[your city] Q&A”. If someone posts “Hey does anyone know a good removalist?” and someone else responds with “yes check out XYZ website” and it is YOUR website, that is a backlink to your website.

The more backlinks you have, the higher you will rank.

How can you create get more of these backlinks?

Easy. Open a free account with a ton of authority sites, create a profile, post some things, and continue to link back to your website!

The benefit of building your business through SEO, versus paying for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on, is that people don’t go to these social media apps to be advertised to. It is simply part of the deal when they sign up, since they are using it for free. That’s the business model for these social media apps.

But when someone goes to a search engine and searches for your product or service, that person is a much more qualified prospect, what we call a “warm” or “hot” lead. They are looking for that specific solution.

Whereas when they are scrolling through social media watch funny cat videos, they might or might not care about your service.

Getting leads through search engines are simply much higher quality and better-targeted leads.

You can learn more about SEO by viewing the following article, written by us at Global Exposure:

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