An online store is a great way to generate more money.

Lots of people today think that setting up an online store is very expensive – this is not the case. Global Exposure offers affordable e-commerce online solutions to help you get the online store always dreamed of! Our online stores are very affordable, flexible and extremely powerful. The online stores that we build are completely customisable and you can always update products categories, product information and the style of the site itself easily.

Once your shop has been developed, we can arrange a free training session to show you how to use your new shop! We also provide understandable online guides and brochures to help you manage and maintain your online store. If this is something you’re not interested in, we can always put a support package in place so that we handle all of the shop maintenance and updates. We can always integrate any payment gateway that you currently use into our sites and we make sure that the monthly costs for the site or to a bare minimum. If you do not have a payment gateway, do not worry. We can set up one really easily taking up none of your time. The traditional monthly cost for an e-commerce site is below £25 per month. This payment goes to the shop platform (usually Shopify) and not us.

Not only can we develop you a fantastic online store but we can also perform on-site SEO work on your store to make sure it generates sales and enquire after all that’s the point of having a great online store if nobody knows how to get to it. Call us today so we can have a chat about your goals and ambitions for your business. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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