We host our websites on the UK’s safest and fastest data centre servers.

We can also manage your domain name, update DNS records and provide general domain and web hosting maintenance services.

When we develop a website, we provide free web hosting for the first year. After the first year we charge £10 a month for hosting, this includes any updates that need to be made to the FTP. If you need to host your website somewhere else we can zip up all the files & database and transfer over to yourself for migration. If you need us to migrate your website over to your new hosting provider, we can do this no problem for a fixed fee of £100.

If your domain is with us, we can create as many email accounts as you wish for £10 each, one-time fee. If you have any enquiries or queries regarding our web hosting and email support services, get in contact with us today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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