A good search ranking position on Google is vital in this digital era for any successful business. And for this, you should pay great attention to Search Engine Optimization techniques, known as SEO. They are numerous benefits that a good SEO campaign can provide for your business, and we will discuss further the most important:

SEO will help your website obtain more quality traffic

The first sites shown in the search results pages get the most relevant traffic. A study shows that the number 1 position in Google will get approx 33% of the total search traffic (see how Google Search works here). This means that if you manage to get your website in the first position in Google search results, you will increase your traffic, but not only this. The traffic is high quality, which means that is relevant for your business and searchers have a real interest in your products/services. This will ensure your business success in the long term.

SEO will help you build brand awareness

A high rank in Google means higher visibility for your business, and this translates to increased brand awareness. People who look on the internet for products/services in your niche will see your website in the first positions, click on it and find out more about your brand. You should know that 80% of users rely on the Internet to find a product, so your business must be shown there for them. A good rank will also help you to establish your brand as a trustworthy company and create a respectable, credible image that will help you to differentiate from your competitors. These aspects are essentials points for building a strong business foundation.

SEO will increase revenues

A good SEO strategy will get you more relevant traffic, which is prone to convert. A good rank in Google will assure that your business is in the attention of your buyer persona, the potential customers with a real interest in your products or services. SEO will increase your business sales because the top positions will provide for you the exact audience that matters to your company.

SEO improves ROI

Another great advantage provided by an efficient SEO strategy is that it will enhance your company ROI. If you have a smart and competitive SEO strategy, you can expect an impressive ROI. If your website appears in the first results on Google, you can improve your conversion rate with nearly 13%, and this will significantly enhance the return of investment.

The first positions in Google are hard to get and require effort, but they are worth the struggle. The first ten positions in the search engine get approx 96% of the overall traffic, and you don’t want to miss this. Moreover, the first position in the search engine gets 33% of traffic. The primary positions will get you more relevant traffic and boost your sales, helping you to build a strong business and be ahead of your competition. If you want to reach more customers, increase brand awareness, and boost your revenues, you should focus on SEO. It is a good investment that will bring you many advantages in the long term.

SEO Milton Keynes

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