The internet is by definition a vast place, the amount of content uploaded daily is massive, and at this point, nobody could realistically browse all of it. And that’s just taking into account common websites like YouTube or Google. So how can your website find a place amongst the World Wide Web? The question comes down to one simple factor, understanding how traffic is generated and where it comes from.

The Importance of SEO

Think about websites you have visited, chances are most of them you found after performing a Google search on a topic that was relevant to you at the time. And that’s how it really goes for most people. That’s why nowadays when people focus on selling a product or service there’s such a large focus on the ranking high on Google and general visibility on the search engine. Something we generally call SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the practices done to increase the visibility of a given website on a search engine like Google, as the title says; it optimizes visibility on a search engine. And while it might sound daunting at first it’s far from, once you get the basics down not only you’ll get tangible results on the number of visits and clicks, but you’ll also learn how to naturally create content around SEO.

Understanding SEO Keywords

The key to SEO is the same basic principle that moves search engines, and that’s keywords. Let’s use a WordPress site as our example, most of the content in it will be text-based and articles, so by default what Google will find on its searches are the words in those posts. But to truly take our website development to the next level we need to optimize our keywords.  Let’s find the topic the website really is about, whether it’s a business, a news blog or a comedy site each website has a clear main topic. A simple term or few words with which we can identify the content of our page. Once that is identified we need to check what are some common search terms related to that topic. These are in short the terms people are actively looking for, and that we should use when writing our articles thankfully there are many website services ready to lend you a hand. Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that can help you with integrating these keywords and search terms into your meta description (the way Google describes your website link) to make your life all the easier.

Optimizing Content for SEO

Once we have a clear idea of what are the keywords relevant to our main topic then we need to keep creating content, whether it’s blog posts, news articles or anything. The key to SEO is not changing your content from the ground up, but to understand those keywords relevant to the theme of your website and integrate them into your usual content, to make sure your work is now truly reaching the most people it can.

Global Exposure – SEO Specialists in Milton Keynes

Global Exposure is a digital marketing company based in Milton Keynes that specialises in Website Development & SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The websites we build are completely bespoke and unique to you, crafted with beautiful design and intelligent systems to make running your website super easy to do. Global Exposure also provides an outstanding SEO service package which includes all of the “behind the scenes” magic (internal coding optimization on pages and much more). You get a guided structure and see the results for yourself.

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