Be Busy This Christmas: A Simple Guide for Kitchen Worktop Fitting Businesses

With the holidays around the corner, let’s talk about simple ways to make sure your kitchen worktop fitting business stands out online.

We’ll cover parts like showing up in online searches, making your website SEO friendly + optimised for converting visitors into paying customers, using Facebook wisely, and utilising Google Local Services.

Get Found with SEO

First things first, make sure your potential kitchen worktop customers can find you online.

Use SEO focused keywords on your website that people might type when looking for kitchen worktop help during the holidays.

Think about what customers want this time of year and talk about that on your site.

If you give Global Exposure a call on 01908 229580, we can help you with a list of keywords which will be very useful for you to use on your website for SEO purposes.

Spruce Up Your Website

Your website is like your digital shop window. Keep it simple, make sure it works well on phones, and show off your work with nice pictures. Don’t forget to highlight any special holiday deals you’re offering.

Things to definitely include on your website:

  • Types of worktops you install
  • A gallery of worktop colours
  • Your portfolio of worktop supply / installation projects
  • A quoting form which allows customers to add an attachment of their kitchen plan
  • Google reviews embed which shows 5 star reviews of your kitchen worktop fitting services

Facebook Friendliness

Facebook is big, so use it to your advantage. Share posts about your portfolio and supply/fitting services and join local groups where people talk about Kitchen Fitters.

There are many groups on Facebook for Tradesmen, Kitchen Fitters & Chit Chat groups for Local Communities. Get involved with all of these!

Be helpful in the discussions, and people will notice your expertise. You can also try paid ads to reach more people but we recommend a specialist (Like us) to set up these kinds of paid ads.

Google Local Spotlight

Make sure you’re on Google Local Services. Ask happy customers to leave good reviews, and keep your info updated. This way, when folks in your area look for kitchen worktop help, your business pops up as “Google Guaranteed”.

This is also extremely good as you only pay per lead, and not necessarily for advertising. This is a much smarter business model.

These simple steps can make a big difference this holiday season and set you up for a great start to the New Year. Stand out online, share your expertise, and get ready for a calendar filled with exciting projects.

Wishing you a successful and joyous season ahead!

Written by Reece Hussain
No AI was used in the making of the content!

Reece is the founder of Global Exposure and the winner of multiple awards, including Most Innovative Website Design Business Owner 2022. 

Reece built his first website when he was 10 years old. By 17, he had built over 100 websites. At 19, he founded Global Exposure, a six-figure digital marketing agency that has transformed businesses across the country through impactful SEO and clever digital strategies. 

If you’d like to get in contact with Reece, you can call on 01908 229580, or email

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