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We optimise your website for search engines & for your user – which is absolutely critical in 2021. We can confidently say, we provide the best SEO services in Milton Keynes.

Ranking 1st on Google could seriously change your business. But only if you have a serious SEO Agency behind you to guide you there.

We start by performing a full technical audit of your site to ensure everything is in order. Once that’s done, we perform in-depth keyword research & competitor analysis to help us start creating your content and service focused pages to the optimum.

We build links using email outreach, from only highly authoritative, relevant domains. Growing your domain authority and all your rankings comfortably. To put things simply, we cover all angles and can prove our results using an SEO Results dashboard, which we set all of our clients on.

We’re ready to grow your website/blog’s traffic and secure all of your target keywords.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions


Neil Patel is one of the best SEO Specialists in the world and released a video in February 2021 which talked about a new way of content marketing. Building a tool!

Neil’s traffic grows all the time and he keeps people going to his website by offering them a great tool they can use on his website, Uber Suggest.

You might be thinking, how can I build a tool?

You can buy one for cheap online, white-label it, and then host it on your website. Simple! You will need help from a developer, like us. We can help you with this as we’re Website & SEO specialists, so you have the best of both worlds.

Watch this video below to find out more about how you can grow your traffic in 2021.

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If you’ve opened this question, it tells me you want to take action quickly. If this is correct, click here and book a meeting with us. Let us take control over your SEO and leave it all to us, a professional & effective SEO agency.

Anyway, let’s manage your expectations. Getting to the top of Google is not an easy job. It can be easier, depending on your niche/business industry, however, more of the time it is very competitive. I am going to tell you briefly, the elements you need to research and focus on to increase your chances of getting to the top of Google:

1) Write better content than your competitors (Check out the skyscraper technique by clicking here).

We can write your content for you. Get in touch and we can help you.

2) Build your backlinks by writing great content for other blogs/companies.

3) Create a profile at your local Chamber of Commerce (you must include your website link).

4) Sign up for our Milton Keynes Local Business Directory by clicking here.

5) Optimise your website’s on-page SEO.

6) Make your website quicker by switching website hosts/rebuilding – some of our websites that we’ve built load in 0.4 seconds. As long as you’re below 2.5 seconds, that’s fine, but the quicker the better.

Create valuable content that speaks directly to Milton Keynes businesses and post this on your website & your Google Business listing.

If you’re an SEO company in Milton Keynes (like us), talk about different things Milton Keynes based businesses can do to improve their ranking (just like this FAQ). You can compare different MK based SEO agencies and how effective they are, rank them based on lots of different factors. Advise those businesses on different strategies they can implement. You could tell them where they should get their Virtual Address in Milton Keynes to help their Google Business listing (the more central, the better).

Once you have created some valuable content that speaks directly to your target audience and actually provides value and helps them, then you need to tweak some technical elements. If your website is on WordPress, install Yoast SEO and alter the Meta Title, Description, Schema & Social Sharing. Make sure you get the highest score possible for those pages using Yoast’s score counter.

Once you’ve done that, head over to Google Business, create an account if you don’t already have one, verify your business and post on there a couple of times a week. Drip feed the valuable content you wrote, and share teasers and snippets to your Google Business, and create a learn more button on the post to point to your website.

Now, collect as many great reviews as possible from genuine customers and clients. Ask them to include your service name and location inside the testimonial, like this:

“We were looking for a great SEO Agency in Milton Keynes, then we came across Global Exposure. They helped our website rank really well, and now we receive regular traffic and several emails per day.”

Make sure you are regularly collecting several reviews per week to stay ahead of the competition. Keep regularly adding content to your Google Business and make sure your profile is 100% complete.

#1 Website Design Milton Keynes

We design & develop all of our websites with your target audience in focus. All of our websites come with a core ground of SEO (Yoast SEO, Image Alt & Titles, Fast Loading & Keyword Focused Titles/Content).

We research the best industry leading websites for your industry and will provide you with a perfect content structure so that you know exactly what content you need for your website to be the best.

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel tracking is critical, so we always make sure your website has that integrated. We make sure that your website is optimised to it’s best, for converting your visitors into customers. Delayed Pop Up Modals, Call To Action strips, Floating Buttons, Regular Appointment/Purchase Actions, and lots more.

We’ve built over 100 websites since starting Global Exposure and the list is growing massively. We service businesses all over the UK but our most popular customer area is Milton Keynes, which is where our main studio & office is located.

How Our SEO Strategy Starts

When you’re ready to get started, select your plan below and complete the payment form. Once this completed, you will automatically be redirected to our SEO onboarding questionnaire where you will complete some questions to help us create a perfect SEO strategy for you.

As soon as that onboarding form has been filled out, it will automatically task in your SEO campaign to our project management tools and you’ll receive a welcome email with the next steps.

Understand how Google Search works

It’s very easy for companies and businesses to hand over their SEO needs to an SEO Agency, but it’s very important to have a base of knowledge and have some understanding of how it all works.

This way, when you’re speaking to an SEO Agency, you will know if they really understand the Search Engine Optimisation works.

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Local SEO: Google Business Optimization for Local Businesses

If local SEO scares you, you’re not alone, but the good news is that even though it sounds complicated, it really isn’t hard once you learn a few basics.

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3 Impactful SEO Tips for 2021

Page speed is a HUGE factor in Google's decision on where to rank you. Read our other powerful SEO tips here, for all website owners!


We Cover All SEO Angles, Here's What We Do

Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
On Page Optimisation
Landing Page Creation
Technical SEO
Content Creation
Local SEO (GMB)
Reporting & Review
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Rank higher than your competitors

Our SEO Agency in Milton Keynes starts by taking a look at your current website and search ranking results. We look for your weak spots and areas which need improvement. We look at all factors from having an SSL certificate installed, to domain authority. We work on all the factors we need to, then we begin keyword research and location analysis.

We build a list based on facts, analytical information and real data and perform our magic to get you ranking where you should be on Google.

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seo reporting dashboard

We track everything

We provide you with a personalised reporting dashboard which is updates your search ranking positions every single day – meaning you know exactly how many 1st rankings you have secured through our search engine optimisation strategy implementation.

You can also see all of your website analytics, traffic reports, organic searches, and much more.