Website Case Study for
Jeanius Bar Atelier

The Mission: Enhance Jeanius Bar Atelier’s Shopify store to portray the brand better, and introduce backend systems to help them become more efficient and effective as a brand.

Project Overview

Within the vibrant fashion culture of the UK, Danny had been handcrafting premium jeans for years, gaining widespread credit from A-list celebrities, rappers, and footballers around the world.

Recognising the brand’s potential, Global Exposure approached Danny and Jeanius Bar Atelier to transform their online presence.

The existing store faced usability issues, low conversion rates, and failed to portray the brand’s high-quality image.

Challenges & Objectives:

  • Revamp the existing Jeanius Bar Atelier online store for a superior user experience and increased conversion rates.

  • Showcase the premium quality and expensive pricing of Jeanius Bar Atelier’s products effectively.

  • Design a visually stunning and immersive Shopify store aligned with the brand’s identity.
  • Implement a hype launch strategy, introducing a “visualiser” and early access system for new collections.

  • Integrate a robust CRM system, providing clarity and efficiency across the backend operations.

Strategic Approach

Design Planning:

  • Conducted several meetings with Danny and Daniel, the brand director at Kickgame, to understand their vision.
  • Utilised reference websites to plan out the design, wireframes, and content layouts for the Shopify store.

Innovative Visualiser:

  • Crafted a full-screen visualiser with animated logos and glitch effects to enhance the shopping experience.

  • Incorporated a hype launch strategy, locking down the website for exclusive early access to build anticipation.

CRM System Integration

  • Built a fully functioning Shopify store with an integrated CRM system for efficient backend management.
  • Addressed Jeanius Bar Atelier’s queries and configured the CRM to streamline communication from warehouse to private appointments.

Training & Tutorials:

  • Provided personalised training videos for HubSpot, enhancing Jeanius’s understanding of their CRM system.
  • Offered Shopify tutorials for store lockdowns during hype launches and Klaviyo form integration.

Successful Launch on Black Friday

  • Set a deadline for Black Friday, creating a significant launch event for the new website and a massive product sale.
  • Achieved remarkable success with over £50,000 in sales within one day, re-engaging previous customers with the Jeanius experience.

Post-Launch Success and Collaboration

  • Maintained close communication with Jeanius to facilitate wholesale orders after securing a deal with a major retailer, Harvey Nichols.
  • The project not only elevated the online presence but also contributed to substantial sales growth and increased brand recognition.


The collaboration with Jeanius resulted in a visually stunning and functionally efficient Shopify store that successfully portrayed the brand’s premium image. The innovative visualiser and hype launch strategy contributed to a highly successful Black Friday launch, generating significant sales and re-engaging the existing customer base.

Global Exposure’s commitment to understanding Jeanius’s unique needs and providing tailored solutions, from design to CRM implementation, has solidified a successful partnership.

The ongoing communication and support have positioned Jeanius for continued success in the competitive fashion market.

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