Digital Marketing & Automation Case Study for KPI:Health

The Mission: Provide ultimate support for all digital marketing requirements + automate internal processes to become a more efficient business.

Project Overview

Our collaboration with KPI:Health began at the inception of their business in 2021. The initial project focused on building a robust website that effectively communicated their NHS in-sourcing services and solutions to NHS trusts. This marked the beginning of a multifaceted partnership encompassing website development, marketing strategy, and process automation.

Web Design & Development

Understanding the Vision

  • Collaborated closely with KPI:Health to understand their vision for the website.
  • Analysed competitor websites for reference and extracted key details to inform the design process.

Infographics for Clarity

  • Crafted an informative infographic outlining the process and procedure for NHS in-sourcing.
  • The design team illustrated the information through carefully curated visuals, photographs, and diagrams.

Team Page Highlight

  • Emphasised the team page to showcase clinical leads and key team members, enhancing the website’s personal touch.

Marketing Program and Recruitment Strategy

Active Job Promotion

  • Initiated a marketing program to actively promote and showcase roles on behalf of NHS trusts and clients.
  • Uploaded and published jobs on the website, followed by strategic graphics on social media, with a focus on LinkedIn ad campaigns for rapid recruitment.

Automation & Improvement:

Technology Problem-Solving

  • Collaborated with the managing director to identify technology-specific challenges within the business.
  • Addressed a time-consuming issue in the compliance department by building a fully automated process, significantly freeing up their valuable time.

Streamlining Onboarding

  • Transformed the onboarding process by converting existing Word document templates into digitised forms.
  • Tracked drop-off rates to optimise the process for a quicker and smoother onboarding experience.

Automation Implementation

  • Automated the candidate onboarding process, from document collection to online appointment booking.
  • Successfully streamlined workflows, leading to a considerable improvement in efficiency levels.


The collaboration with KPI:Health resulted in a comprehensive transformation across various facets of their operations. The website effectively communicated their services, and the marketing strategy significantly expedited the recruitment process. Automation initiatives, especially in compliance and onboarding, were resounding successes, freeing up critical time for key staff members.

The close partnership with the senior management team facilitated quick decision-making and successful solution implementations. The overall impact was a marked improvement in the efficiency levels of KPI:Health, showcasing the effectiveness of our collaborative approach in addressing multifaceted business challenges.

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