Project Case Study for
Lodge Farm Cafe

The Mission: Kickstart the business for Lodge Farm Cafe with complete branding, website, marketing material and digital presence.

Project Overview

A founder of KPI:Health, seeking to diversify his portfolio, invested in the creation of Lodge Farm Café in Hanslope. Global Exposure was tasked with building the brand identity, designing physical and digital assets, creating social media profiles, and developing a website for a successful launch.

Challenges & Objectives:

  • Establish a strong and appealing brand identity for Lodge Farm Café.
  • Design physical elements such as a logo, signage, loyalty cards, and leaflets.
  • Develop and optimise social media profiles to create a buzz before the launch.
  • Design and print menus and loyalty cards for the opening.
  • Design and launch a website within a tight timeframe.

Strategic Approach

Logo and Branding

  • Received a brief from Matt and Clare, founders of Lodge Farm Café.

  • Design team promptly created mockups for a physical sign, loyalty cards, leaflets, website, and the café menu.

Social Media Kickoff

  • Designed and developed social media profiles for maximum optimisation.

  • Introduced key posts to build anticipation and engagement leading up to the launch.

Printed Assets

  • Once designs were approved, initiated the printing of menus and loyalty cards for the grand opening.
  • Ensured consistency in branding across physical and digital materials.

Website Development

  • Simultaneously designed and developed the Lodge Farm Café website.
  • Achieved a live website within four weeks from receiving the initial brief.

Launch Success

  • The launch of Lodge Farm Café was a tremendous success.
  • Significant turnover was achieved within the first week, showcasing the café’s popularity.
  • The café attracted corporate clients for buffets and received private catering enquiries.

Client Testimonial from Clare


Global Exposure’s strategic approach resulted in a cohesive and appealing brand identity for Lodge Farm Café, seamlessly translated across physical and digital mediums. The quick turnaround in designing, printing, and launching contributed to the immediate success of the café, both in terms of financial turnover and corporate client acquisition.

Our collaboration with Lodge Farm Café exemplifies our capability to swiftly and effectively execute a comprehensive branding and launch strategy, meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

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