Project Case Study for
MK Solar Installers

The Mission: Kickstart the business for MK Solar Installers with a brand new website and pay-per-lead strategy.


Martin, a director of All Energy Services Ltd, was embarking on a new venture — MK Solar Installers. To establish an online presence and launch this division quickly, he sought the assistance of us, Global Exposure.


Martin faced two critical challenges: a limited budget and a pressing need for a swift solution. Launching a new division in a different business domain required a carefully crafted online presence, and time was of the essence.


Conducting a Google search, Martin discovered Global Exposure, a local website design company. Intrigued by their unique offering—the Streamlined Option—he explored the possibility of a bespoke website delivered within an exceptionally short turnaround time, ranging from 24 to 48 hours.

The Streamlined Option:

Global Exposure’s Streamlined Option promised a rapid website development process, tailored to individual needs. Martin found this option particularly attractive, given its potential for cost savings and the ability to expedite the launch of MK Solar Installers.


Under the Streamlined Option, Martin’s website was developed swiftly and at a better price than a traditional website. This approach saved him weeks compared to the timelines typically associated with website design projects in Milton Keynes.

The website included a multi-stage custom-built tool designed by Global Exposure. This tool assessed the eligibility of individuals interested in installing solar panels on their residential or commercial properties.

Beyond The Website:

We didn’t stop at website development. Recognising the significance of a robust online presence, they assisted Martin in setting up his Google My Business profile and Google Local Services. This strategic move aimed to generate leads through Google, facilitating a rapid start to MK Solar Installers’ operations.

Strategic Advice:

Understanding the power of Google Local Services, Global Exposure recommended this platform for lead generation, emphasizing its pay-per-lead model over traditional advertising methods. This insight provided Martin with a cost-effective approach to attracting potential customers.


Thanks to our streamlined approach, Martin’s website was launched promptly, and his business gained visibility on Google. The Google Local Services setup further enhanced MK Solar Installers’ reach and lead generation capabilities.

Client Review from Martin

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